Cascade Triple Sliding Glass Door

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Cascade Windows puts life in the best light. We have built our reputation on superior performance, style and value.

Energy Star Partner
In the average home, at least 40 percent of energy costs annually are spent on heating and cooling. Proper selection of windows and doors can significantly affect how much money it takes to keep our homes
bright and comfortable. Look for the Energy Star Partner label on all Cascade windows and doors.

Low-E Glass
Our own specially coated Ec and Ec+ windows reflect outside heat in the summer and interior heat in the winter, reducing your air conditioning and heating requirements.

Warm Edge Spacer
The Warm Edge Spacer reduces condensation, reduces heat loss/gain through the glass, and greatly increases the integrity of the insulated glass unit’s seal.



  • Rigid multi-chambered PVC extrusions providing structural integrity and highsound and thermal insulation qualities.
  • Precision mitered and heat-fusion welded corners.
  • Integral vinyl pre-punched nailing flange for fast and efficient installation. Flush fin available upon request.
  • High performance dual weather stripping minimizing air infiltration, reducing energy costs.
  • Metal reinforced interlock, providing superior strength and rigidity.
  • Flared interlocking profiles result in consistent and reliable operation and provides a tight seal.
  • Heavy-duty lock and interior handle are standard on all units.
  • Fully adjustable metal rollers provide smooth operation and reliable performance year after year.
  • High performance glazing options include Low-E coatings, tints, solar-cool reflective glass, and argon gas.

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