Dual Pane Home Window Replacement

Dual Pane Home Window Replacement

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Helping you save energy; dual pane home window replacement is solution #1!

window replacement and retrofit advanced energy services portland ORIf your home is outfitted with standard single pane home windows or outdated vinyl home windows with fog or moisture between the panes (failed seals), you may not realize how ineffective they are at keeping your home separated from outside. They may keep out the wind, the rain, or unwanted guests from strolling through your home, but when it comes to keeping your home insulated they just won’t suffice. Outfitting your home with double pane home windows or dual pane windows is the best way to stay comfortable indoors, as well as save money on your electric bill.  View our website to see a variety of dual pane window replacement styles as well as color options.

Saving Electricity with Double Pane or Dual Pane Home Windows

Up to 40% of annual heating and cooling costs can be traced back to energy loss from home windows in the average American home. Having double pane or dual pane home windows installed in your home can eliminate that cost and ultimately save you money month to month. Since double pane windows insulate your home they keep warm air in, cold air out, and vice versa, allowing your home to stay comfortable and separate from the outdoor climate.

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On top of insulating your home and cutting down on heating and cooling costs, double pane windows or dual pane windows also insulate your home from noise pollution. Especially if you live in a busy urban area, those sudden loud noises from outside can become bothersome and with single pane windows you hear almost everything going on outside. Double pane windows help cut down that noise.  With so many options to choose from, Advanced Energy Services is confident in helping you find the right replacement windows for your property in the Portland OR, Clackamas, Gresham, and Beaverton, OR areas. Call now for more information.

What Makes Double Pane or Dual Pane Home Windows the Best?

  • Increase comfort of your home
  • Energy efficient, save on utility bills up to 40%
  • Low maintenance
  • Ease of operation
  • Built for all types of weather
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Appearance / aesthetics
  • Reduce outdoor noise pollution

Disadvantages of Single Pane Windows

  • Lack of insulation, allows the outdoor climate to get inside
  • Causes energy loss – nearly 25 percent of annual heating and cooling costs are lost to single pane windows
  • Not much help in regard to sound barriers and noise pollution

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